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Welcome to your data technology services

EDI Translation Services

 At GEDIMS we provide EDI services and solutions to companies who want to implement EDI in their business.

 Using our experience and knowledge of EDI we can help your business to start sending electronic documents over the web.

 Our goal is to get you up and running with EDI quickly so your business can benefit from the accuracy and efficiency that sending data electronically provides.
EDI Services by gedims.com
Healthcare EDI HIPAA at gedims.com


We provide EDI solutions to companies across all industries such as:



 We also provide data translation solutions other than EDI which will guarantee accuracy based on the data translated, this will improve efficiency by limiting the amount of time consumed by human interaction and reducing labor costs associated with this process.

No more manual keying of data


 Technology is a dual edge sword, it either significantly contributes to the success, profitability and efficiency of your organization or it ends up being a huge headache and drain of your resources.

 We have the professionals you can trust to support the technology that runs your business.

 The high quality of our customer support personnel provide consistent and accurate advice on data translation issues or advancements.


All inclusive EDI solutions with no minimum fees, we only charge for the service provided.
    Our professional EDI staff will ensure accuracy to promote growth and efficiency within your organization.
      Cutting edge programmers that perform translation of any type of electronic document format to your requirements.
        We are the long-term strategic partner that you need to guarantee success in your industry.
           Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents from one computer system to another (ie) from one trading partner to another trading partner.
           We support all types of EDI standards, EDI versions and EDI transactions sets (EDI documents). This includes edi x12, EDIFACT, tradacoms, xml standards as well as multiple formats such as csv/delimited, fixed records, json, sap idoc, eancom and excel to name a few.
           Generating value for our clients with EDI is the primary goal of our integration services. Regardless of the company size, our integration solutions help you avoid manual keying of data which will reduce labor costs and processing errors by integrating data directly with your business applications.
           We use a data translation system that provides an outsourced any-to-any data mapping service that lets our customers focus on their business and not EDI issues. When a trading partner changes their EDI requirements, our experienced team of experts take care of ensuring that all necessary changes are handled in a timely manner.
           Our EDI services include healthcare edi and as a specialist edi service provider our solutions provide outsourced edi management services that can out perform any edi vendor.