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EDI Services in the Legal industry

 Below are some common EDI documents used in the Legal industry:

EDI Abandoned Property Filings (103)

This transaction set is used to report abandoned property filings information, such as uncashed checks or abandoned bank account balances to government agencies and may be used by the government agencies to distribute information on abandoned property for publication to the general public. It may also be used to initiate an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment to transfer the value of the abandoned property to the government agencies.

EDI Notice of Power Attorney (157)

The Notice of Power of Attorney Transaction Set is a bi-directional transaction set that can be used to notify entities of the existence of a power of attorney and to provide information as to its applicability. The transaction set may also be used to acknowledge powers of attorney or their cancellation.

EDI Court and Law Enforcement Notice (175)

This transaction set can be used to notify interested parties about important court events and actions related to a specific court case. It may also be used to transmit information about a specific law enforcement or administration of justice event to interested parties. This may include events like case dispositions, notices about criminal offenses, accidents or incidents, arrest warrants, court orders, and administrative actions.

EDI Court Submission (176)

This transaction set can be used to submit a legal document or claim and supporting documentation to a court or other designated recipient. It can be transmitted to the submitter to indicate the date and docket information assigned, or it can be transmitted to the submitter to indicate claim disposition or an opinion deciding a case.