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Frequently Asked Question's

We have provided some answers to common questions regarding EDI and our services.

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Q: What is EDI?

A: EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables computer systems to talk between each other by digitally exchanging data via the internet. EDI proves to be fast, reliable and a cost saving business practice that can reduce your companies carbon footprint.
The process of using EDI is very straight forward, a standard document (agreed upon by both parties,) is translated into a specific format and sent (or received) via a secure communication (data transport) method.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: Our services are typically charged on a per document per transaction basis without any long-term commitment on part of either the client or us the provider. Categories of charges generally pertain to a per trading partner setup fee and the per document per transaction fee. We aim to reduce your costs not increase them so there are no hidden fees.

Before we quote on a specific project, we gather all relevant information as provided by the customer to enable us to translate the project into anticipated programming requirements and time to completion. Quoted rates are then predicated on such parameters and are typically structured on a per document basis. The obvious preference will be to charge on the frequency of the orders and activity.

When little if any information is available about a given project, we simply quote on a standard document type and approximated time to completion basis. Such a rate structure takes risk and assumptions out of the equation. We keep track of our hours and because frequency of transactions are not always predictable we are always willing to negotiate initial rates during operations.

Q: What are your minimum charges?

A: We do not have minimum charges.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our hours of operation are based on your requirements. Our default hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. PST to 5:00 p.m. PST but we will always be available to provide services, specific hours of operations requirements are best addressed in advance and structured as to make it most cost-efficient.

When a customer has an urgent service requirement, our team is available to be there to serve the need even when it was not possible to plan in advance expanded hours of service.

Q: Which EDI transactions do you support?

A: Any transaction type and any version that you require is supported.

Q: Do I have to pay again if the transactions change?

A: No, Upgrades of to new versions that your customers implement are included at no extra charge. We only charge if new transaction sets are added that have never been setup before.

Q: Do you work with my customer’s EDI department?

A: Yes, we work with your customer’s EDI department on your behalf. We start working with them during set up and testing and then later if they make changes such as upgrades to their EDI system, we make sure that all translations and communications match their requirements.

Q: How long to setup EDI with my customers?

A: It typically takes between 2 to 10 business days depending on the complexity of your customers. Our team will setup all required EDI transactions and will establish EDI communication with your customer, then begin testing until all required EDI processes are completed.

Q: How will I send/receive information from customers?

A: We will identify your capabilities and offer a solution based on your requirements e.g. email, upload/download to website, etc then provide you the information sent from your customer in the format that you need. For the information to send back to your customers we will provide a solution that matches your current system so that no time is wasted on updating documents manually.

Q: How do I begin with your services?

A: You can start services by contacting us online or call us on (909) 800-1304 and we will quickly respond with a proposal for you to review and approve.

Q: What are the major benifits of using your services?

A: Below is a brief list of benefits received using GEDIMS services.

• Exchange data easily, regardless of location, technology preference or level of IT sophistication
• Automate, streamline and reduce costs of error prone manual processes
• Quickly get 100% EDI compliant with your trading partners
• No EDI software or previous EDI knowledge required
• No costly hardware requirements
• Improved operational efficiency
• Increased return on investment
• Data entry costs Reduce
• Enhanced visibility
• Increased accuracy
• Reduce costs
• Less errors

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