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About Us

We are based in Southern California and our management team has been delivering EDI solutions and services for over 15 years, also providing file translation services, data integration and trading documents with major trading partners in many different industries. This requires the commitment that we provide to each of our customers on a daily basis.

As your data technology service our mission is to guarantee accuracy, efficeiency and profitability by ensuring that we provide the best solutions for your business.

Our abilities to take EDI beyond compliance by improving your business process strategically to lower costs and enhance your revenue. This is accomplished by offering solutions that meet other aspects of your business not just related to EDI such as converting data files to printable documents, changing their layout to meet accounting system requirements for importing, automating emails with specific data attached and many more.

We support all transactions, data formats, label requirements and workflow. As your vendor we are able to perform all of the tasks of a targeted operation to maximize your solution’s efficiency. A specific example of what we support is related to the retail/logistics industry which requires the following (purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, invoices, UCC-128 labels, branded packing slips) and specific workflow scenarios that require shipment to distribution centers or vendor managed inventory. We provide all your business requirements as standard.

Please contact us here on the email form to discuss your requirements.